We are an agency of professional, specialized and certified accountants in the United States to prepare taxes and manage the accounting of both large, medium and small companies and individuals throughout the national territory.
Among some of our services we offer:

  • Solution to tax problems.
  • Planning and personal tax preparation services. (It is important to remember that taxes are not made only once a year. Among our functions is to always keep you informed of everything that happens with your taxes throughout the year)

  • Services designed to increase productivity in small and medium enterprises by reducing their tax obligations.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Business consulting
  • Tax planning services
  • Notary
  • Experience in handling large assets.
One Stop Tax Jax & Accounting Services can help you create a better financial landscape with proper planning.

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Process all documentation and information in a systematic and rigorous manner that supports the different financial operations of a company and / or individual.


Achieve a financially complete, loyal and healthy community to obtain from society the trust and credibility, essential for the sustenance of personal, professional and commercial relationships.


Honesty and Professionalism. Responsibility. Commitment. Excellence and Discipline

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Javier Perez

President and CEO of One Stop Tax Jax & Accounting Services. Since June 2015, he has been responsible for embodying integrity, good energy, creative services and teamwork, paying attention to every detail in his consulting agency.

Willmary Lopez

Venezuelan accountant and billing specialist at One Stop Tax Jax & Accounting Services since 2017 advises clients about their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers, as well as how to receive the maximum benefit allowed by law. With its good energy characteristic, it guarantees the accuracy of all the billing and payroll reports required by the companies that provide accounting services

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